Heroku deploy hook: release notes on Slack


Heroku deploy hook: release notes on Slack

This sketch will track release notes you post to Slack, and will consolidate them together when a Heroku build goes out.


To use it, fork this sketch, connect your slack team, configure your Slack Channel in Config, configure the list of applications for which you are tracking release notes, and connect a "Generic Webhook". Be sure to note down the Generic Webhook URL, because you'll need that for the next step! Don't forget to /invite @bots in your release notes channel!

Next you need to set up a Heroku deploy hook for your application(s). To do so, simply run:

heroku addons:create deployhooks:http --url=https://bots.sh/wh/...

replacing the URL with the one from the Generic Webhook you created just now.


When you create a feature or fix that will go out with the next release, note that in your Slack channel being sure to prefix your message with Feature: or Fix:, e.g.:

Feat: zoom readme so entire sketch is visible Fix: scrolling toolbox works again Feat: added BitBucket basics

The sketch will respond with a ✅ reaction to let you know it has added that message to the release notes.

When Heroku does the next deploy for an application, it will parrot the features that were added since the last deploy of that application, e.g.

[email protected] deployed dbf9fb2 [v38] to bots-production

Fix: BOTS doesn't tell you to log in when you're already logged in and you visit something that doesn't exist Feat: customisable default config values (for forking) Fix: scrolling toolbox works again (good for small screens) Feat: forking sketches has received much love Fix: it's possible to create string-array settings again (oops) Feat: added BitBucket basics Feat: ability to delete sketches (look under Versions & Deploys) Feat: added simple OAuth signing of HTTP requests