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GitHub: keep pull-requests up to date with master

Every push to master branch will result in an attempted merge into all existing pull requests

GitHub: require reviews from all reviewers

When you request a review you should not be able to merge until that reviewer has approved

GitHub: PR dependencies

Allows marking a PR as dependent on another PR, so one must be merged before the other can be

GitHub: require multiple reviews

Adds a build status that will not pass until N reviewers have approved

Post Slack thread responses back to GitHub issue

When the Slack GitHub integration posts a new issue to Slack, you can create a thread on that post and any replies that end with "#gh" will be posted back to GitHub

GitHub: lock branches with prefix/suffix

e.g. automatically protect release branches

GitHub: Lock branch on PR open

Prevents force pushes once a branch has entered code review to keep the history familiar

GitHub: lock branch on second contributor

If someone else starts contributing to a branch you're working on, this will automatically prevent force-pushes so you don't have to worry about overwriting each other's work

GitHub: keep one branch up to date with another

e.g. if you have to release a hotfix to your production branch, you can use this sketch will automatically merge that back to your main development branch (or raise a PR if that isn't possible)