Macros for the Web

Web automation packages to increase sales, speed up development, manage communities and more...

Stop Wasting Time
Let BOTS do the repetative tasks, freeing you to increase sales and make awesome things.
Connect Services
Automate common workflows for web sites and applications with our carefully-crafted packages.
Modular Solution
Pick the features you want, leave those you don't; combine packages for powerful results.

GitHub Powerpack

A bundle of GitHub automations to help your team waste less time on repetitive tasks.

Custom Integration Maker

Are you a software developer? With a developer account you can build your own custom integrations to automate just about anything. Want to know more? Get in touch:

Slack / Stripe Bundle

Want to access Stripe (refund, credit, extend trials, view customer information) from the comfort of Slack? This is the bundle for you!